Learning from 2017

design-3047520_1920We are not quite in 2018 yet, and the extravagance of the holiday season is still all around us. Before I leave 2017 for good,  I would just like to wrap up the year with the lessons I learned in 2017.

  1. Learn to take risks and leave your comfort zone to experiment. Experiment with a new blog, new career directions, or even a new book genre.
  2. It is never too late to pick up an instrument or a hobby that you have always wanted to try but didn’t have the time or confidence. It introduces you to a whole new vocabulary and really a new world where you can connect with like-minded people. If you think it’s too hard to meet new friends in your 30s, think again.  Recently, I started playing the violin and became involved in new groups of people who have the same motivation to learn.
  3. Pick up a book or two on learning to be creative. By creativity, I don’t mean the ability to be the next Da Vinci or Picasso. Creativity to me means being able to find connections between two disparate ideas or objects, and by marrying the two, you create a whole new concept. I have been a fan of Professor Adam Grant, a writer and a thought leader on how we can find meaning and creativity in our lives. His books continue to inspire me to think creatively and try to be a better version of myself everyday.
  4. Hold on to good friendships, but it is also wonderful to reconnect with long-lost classmates. If you never make the effort, you might end up missing out on some great wisdom. Remember we have all had struggles since graduating from school, and it’s wonderful to hear stories of how our contemporaries have faced and conquered similar challenges at different points in life.
  5. It is up to you to build your own network or your little niche.  Reach out to new people.  The network does not have to be directly related to your work, but could be based on your interests, like reading and writing.  The beginning of a new friendship is often based on a set of shared values and interests. As we grow older and our school network shrinks, new friendships and connections can even bring a new sense of purpose to life.





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