The Intangibles


We are two weeks from Christmas.  Christmas comes and goes, but every year around this time, there is something magical in the air for the few weeks leading up to December 25th.  Is it the first few snowflakes? Is it the sparkling lights that adorn the buildings? Is it the chatter of shoppers checking off their wish lists? Maybe the magic of Christmas is all of those things.

I am way past the age when kids wait for the jolly good old fellow to slide down the chimney.  But when the Christmas tree lights up, I can feel the giddiness of a kid about to unwrap that first present.  Of course, my giddiness for Christmas is subdued, and I am not holding my breath to unwrap my presents. The material aspect of Christmas long ago lost its appeal to a self-sufficient person who has nearly everything she wants.  As I grow older, the holiday season has taken on a different meaning.  It is the intangibles that I crave.

A beautiful quote surfaced on my Facebook news feed this morning:

As you grow older, your Christmas list gets smaller and the things you really want for the holidays can’t be bought.

What are  those things that can’t be bought?

  1. A nice conversation with a friend in a coffee shop or  a restaurant without the intrusion of text messages. I miss the time when friends and I would chat for hours on end with a focus, but now we are often distracted by life, which presents itself daily in the form of text messages, Facebook and Instagram posts.
  2. Having great discussions about a favorite book between two friends.  Friends who have the same literary interests have become rare.  I want to hold on to those friends.
  3. A quiet evening immersed in a great literary work, totally unplugged from the internet.  How often do we even have time to read any more? Let alone time to dissect beautiful passages from a book.
  4. Spending time with old friends catching up on life.  As we grow older, we will also find that our friendship circle will shrink and expand, but good friends will always be a constant presence.
  5. Being a creator.  The world needs more creators whether in writing, painting or music. It is creators who will change the world.
  6. Finding a purpose in your everyday life and pursuing the passion that you are meant to pursue.




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