What is faith?

Growing up, I had many Christian friends. Christianity has always fascinated me, not only because it has many denominations ( and I am still learning the names), but its principles are deeply embedded in Western thought such as ethics and law.  While I don’t fully understand the parables in the Bible,  I know that Christians are mostly associated with charity and doing all the good they can in this troubled world. Many charities around the world have Christian origins. Christian missionaries have also played an important part in the developing world throughout history.

Throughout my life, I have had many opportunities to  attend  Christian functions with friends, who have indirectly or directly tried to convert me to the Christianity faith.  I have always held Christianity in high regard.  However, I do not think one’s Christian faith or any faith for that matter can turn a natural taker into a giver.  While religion may serve as a guide for some people, the only true moral compass comes from within you.  Without a moral compass,  religion may be a temporary fix but will not change who you are, similar to those long-ago high school lessons that no longer hold a place in your memory.

Does every act of kindness or compassion trace back to the Christian faith?  Many of my friends and even family have joined Christianity for no other reason than to ensure they will receive first-class ticket to a heavenly place after they pass on.  Nobody really knows where we will be after death. But to join a faith should not be prerequisite for kindness and compassion.  Rather,  it is kindness and compassion that will allow people to have faith in this troubled world. This faith does not have to be associated with an organized religion; it is simply a faith in humanity.



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