Learning to code


A long time has passed since my last post.  Since January, I have tried to immerse myself in my next big project.  That is to learn to code before it’s too late!  Life is a continuous process of learning.  And the current stop in this lifelong journey is learning to code.

The internet has been around since my high school days. It was always taken for granted that there was a magician or two blessed with the gift for stringing together those mysterious symbols behind every website. Even in high school, the people who understood html were the living gods who held the answer to every technology woe. Those gods tended to be male, nerdy and very very pimply.    I wanted to understand computers, but when I saw my grade in computer science, I did not think I was cut out for technology.  Passively, I accepted my fate that I would never understand technology.  Looking back now, I realize that my heart was not in it.  How things have changed now.  Technology has penetrated every aspect of our lives.  With the proliferation of web development tutorials and coding bootcamps these days, there is literally an infinite amount of resources to at least get one’s feet wet in technology.   Coding doesn’t seem intimidating anymore.   If such resources were available back when I was younger, I would not have been so turned off simply because I messed up a loop in my computer science class.   Maybe that’s why I decided to give coding another try.  Months after I began my journey,  I actually feel pride in being semi-literate in a couple of computer languages.  Mind you,  I’m still taking baby steps. It will be a long while before I can even consider  myself as a semi-legitimate techie.

In the past, I wrote about my  love and hate relationship with technology. How things have changed!  I have taken on this coding project in my life because I have fully accepted technology into my life not just as an end user but an active participant in creating beautiful technology.   This is not to say that learning to code is easy.  It’s very challenging.   There are quirks in each language, not to mention the different skills required depending on which aspects of a website you work on.  What’s more, technology is constantly evolving so what works today may soon be obsolesced tomorrow.  Like learning French or Mandarin, to truly master a coding language is to practice, practice and practice.  But I consider myself fortunate to live in a world where resources are just a few clicks away.  It’s much easier to learn anything now than in my high school days.  You know what? This is all thanks to technology.

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