This year, make no resolutions.


Happy 2017!  Today is the start a new beginning.  I wish everyone a happy and meaningful new year.

If you are wondering what my resolutions are for the new year, sorry to say that I have none.  Zilch. Nada. Because I am not a believer in resolutions. While everybody else is jumping on the bandwagon of resolving to lose weight, lead a more healthy life style or take up art classes, I have not for once thought about joining them. To me, this is crowd mentality, and we all know how that always works out. But another reason I don’t make these types of resolutions is that they are meaningless. Did you make these resolutions because you really think you need to lose weight or because you just saw another fitness club ad on TV ? Or were you offered a new year’s discount to join some classes? Are you taking those art classes only because you feel bored and need a creative outlet?

I am a strong believer in personal growth through self-discipline.  Short-term thinking like making new years’ resolutions is not the way to go. And they also feel imposed on you by mainstream society, and not what you truly want or need for yourself.   Why wait until the new year to really begin working on your deficiencies?  Why do new years’ resolutions always come with a hit on your wallet? I think instead of making resolutions which many people cannot keep, it is time for all of us to develop a growth-oriented mindset. What this mindset entails is a persistence to grow and learn 365 days of the year. It’s a mentality, rather than a set of short-term goals measured by the quantity of books you read, the number of pounds you drop or how many paintings you complete.

If you truly want to lead a healthy lifestyle, strap on those Sketchers and start walking now, rain, shine or snow. No  discounted gym membership will replace strong self-discipline to lead a healthy lifestyle.

If you truly want to develop a new skill, for example, building websites, there are online courses all year around that are either free or charge a modest fee. There is little point in waiting until a new year to pick up a new skill.

For those who love to write, why do you need to resolve to write more in the new year? Start writing and express your creativity now.  There are plenty of available blog-hosting websites if you choose to blog. I have also noticed a growing number of meetup groups where people critique each other’s writing. Nobody said writing is an activity confined to teachers and schools.

We all know that 2016 was a great year for books both fiction and nonfiction.  As I age every year, I have founds books to be great therapy both as a companion and a great source of insight into the world (in the case of non-fiction) or an author’s fiery imagination (in the case of fiction). Books are not just a great way to exercise that literary muscle of yours to get you to start writing and imagining, but to help you understand the world and the people behind those actions. Reading should never be a chore; it is intrinsically rewarding.

To give them credit, resolutions are a good starting point on a lifelong journey of learning and growing to be a better person than you were yesterday, but they are a short-term solution. Resolutions set targets which may or may not be met, whereas a growth-oriented mentality can take you much further. It is a way to grow in the long-term. And your love for reading and a desire to learn will certainly not end when the clock strikes midnight.










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One thought on “This year, make no resolutions.

  1. The Secret Life of a Vagabond January 8, 2017 / 8:47 am

    I make a to do list for the new year. Usually it centers around goals I have. I find resolution to be depressing, because it’s like saying something is wrong with.


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