That box of chocolate


Life is a like a box of chocolate. You never know where it will take you. A couple of days ago, a friend messaged me to say that she had just passed her Canadian citizenship test, a step in her life that had never crossed her mind while she was growing up in sunny California. Her experience really got me thinking about the surprises that life has in store for us.

Not everyone will surprisingly end up in another country, but most of us have walked or will walk the unpredictable path of life. You may think you have the next 20 years of your life all mapped out, but the script you have written for yourself often does not translate into that Oscar-winning film.  There are too many cut scenes. Too many actors do not show up. Perhaps, the acting is not up to par. You, as the protagonist, do not always have control over what happens next.

How many of us have had at least one career change? How many of us have had best friends from childhood who turned out to be back-stabbers and cheaters? How about a friendship that turned out to be merely a facade?  How about a dream union with that significant other turning sour? Did you plan for any of this?

No, but I believe these twists and turns in life are what make us strong. And we become stronger by constantly adapting to our circumstances. I do believe that everything works out for the very best. The life you had scripted for yourself twenty years ago was probably never meant for you to live. Just think of what you knew twenty years ago compared to now  – how much you have grown and understood yourself.  Believe it or not,  every piece of chocolate you take from that box is sweeter than the previous one.





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