Moving to Canada?



In the aftermath of the Nov. 8 election, is moving to Canada becoming more realistic by the minute?  Are you really ready to move to Canada? Here are 11 things to consider:

  1. Canadians are not as political as our American friends. Unlike in the United States, political issues are not as polarized. There is less participation in the political discourse.  There is no Canadian equivalent of a Tea Party or even a Bernie Sanders. Canadian politics has always been pretty center left, except for the 9 years that Harper was in power, but he more or less stuck to the same Canadian script. Perhaps, a bland political scene appeals to many people. But if you are passionate about politics, the nation’s capital may just be the place for you.  Do not rock the boat though.  Stick to the Canadian script.
  2. Retail prices are through the roof.  The weak Canadian dollar means we are paying at least 30% more than Americans on the same sweater.  As they say, we have a petro dollar here.
  3. Housing prices are decoupled from income, which means people in my generation are stuck.
  4. The Canadian economy is largely natural resource-based, meaning that the other sectors are often under appreciated.
  5. On a related note to #4, the lack of R&D in sectors in healthcare and other technology areas means scientists cannot find work in Canada; and without R&D, there is no manufacturing.  We all know that we can only grow a middle-class economy with enough manufacturing jobs.  Justin Trudeau has pledged to be a fighter for the middle class, and we will see about that.
  6. There are just fewer opportunities for young people. If you love writing and journalism or anything in the arts, there are limited opportunities here in Canada.  If you are equipped with programming skills, there are abundant opportunities.  Toronto, according to a recent ranking, is an IT hub.  Going back to #4 and #5,  Canada is not the most multifaceted economy there is.   Depending on your career calling, there may be a place here for you.
  7. We are just not as innovative.  We have yet to see a Bill Gates or a Mark Zuckerberg.
  8. Bilingualism divides the country even to this day.  Those who speak both English and French just have better career opportunities. So learn to speak French.
  9. Multiculturalism. In some big cities like Toronto, it may seem like communities live in parallel universes.  America is a melting pot that churns out American values. Life. Happiness. Liberty.   What are Canadian values?  Peace, order and good government.  We live in a land of multiculturalism; being Canadian is to accept differences and live cohesively with others even if we may not agree with their cultural practices or their religious beliefs. But we accept them all.  Over the decades, this arrangement has worked out for us.
  10. Brutal winters can be life-threatening.
  11. The great geographic distance from point A to point B.  The majority of the population lives along the Canada-US border since the majority of our land is uninhabitable unless you are an Eskimo.



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