To embrace it all


Many respectable people come into our lives every day and leave long-lasting beautiful memories, but only a few will change your perspective about the world.  Years later, you may not speak to each other due to distance and passing of time but those special individuals will have left you with a gift of looking at the world in a different way.  In my life, one person stands out as somebody who has truly left an indelible impression on me; she changed my way of viewing the world.  That person is somebody I have had the privilege of sharing an apartment with some years ago.

When I think of Katie, a strong young woman comes to mind. One word sums her up: unstoppable. She is truly a bundle of energy. When she woke up in the morning, she was charged up like the Energizer bunny for the day.  She would drive from one end of the city to another dedicating to endless volunteering activities while attending school.  Amidst her busy schedule, she managed to pull off amazing grades. To me, she was an unstoppable force when it came to life. She wanted to get things done without wasting a minute of her day. She embraced not just her own commitments including charity work, but the people around her with enthusiasm and genuine kindness. If somebody wanted help, she would be there instantly with no question asked. Whether it was driving somebody through a snow storm or taking a classmate home from the airport late at night, Katie was right there, never asking for anything in return.  Besides being a black belt in Judo, she also ensured that she did not miss rock climbing on weekends and other fun adventurous activities that only Katie could dream of. It doesn’t stop there. Being a worldly person, she was learning French and Mandarin to communicate with people from other cultures. Her intellectual curiosity was also boundless; with her brain cells firing at 200 miles per hour, she took in topics from a wide range of subjects. She was also incredibly political defending her position like a true lawyer.

It is very rare to meet somebody with Katie’s love for life.  Although time and distance have separated us, I feel lucky that we were able to cross paths.  I have long believed that we meet people for good reasons and that life is not random. There is a purpose in meeting the people we meet. Katie’s words and laughs will be imprinted in my mind forever.  Her unstoppable embrace of life should be experienced by all of us.  When you are feeling sad or depressed, think of how much there is to see and accomplish in life.  Life doesn’t come to a halt when we run into obstacles whatever shape they take.  It is not to be wasted feeling sorry for yourself.  When you truly dedicate yourself to life, before you know it, you will also be travelling at 200 miles per hour, and that is unstoppable.



One thought on “To embrace it all

  1. theurbanblender July 28, 2016 / 11:38 pm

    Yes I know a person just like Katie,they are special human beings for whatever reason and the world is a better place with them in it.


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