Understanding False Premises

hand-984170_640Operation Iraqi Freedom was supposed to be a project to liberate Iraqis from oppression.  However, more than 13 years later, we all know that the war in Iraq has not only not led to freedom, but a new terrifying reality that could not have been imagined 13 years before. Does it really take a massive 6000 page tome (The Chilcot Report) that summarizes Britain’s role in the Iraq War for people to see that the war was based on false premises?

Just like it is unfair to provide the public with a false sense of hope, it is also unfair to mislead the public with a false sense of fear. The masterminds behind the Iraq war belonged to the second category. They played the game very well.  It is a false sense of fear that provides the justification for taking a country down a path from which they can never turn back.  What is the difference between the worst mistake of modern history and the political scene of 2016?  Really not much. The only way for political candidates to justify their candidacy is to ramp up a false sense of fear.


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