Aiming for the top


Do you know what is the most dangerous thing that can happen to a person?  Meandering through life without a clear goal.  Being as aimless in life as a hiker lost in the woods breeds stagnancy. We were all born to make something of ourselves; not having an aim in life is like living without a purpose.  If we live with no purpose, what is the point of being born in the first place? Surely, we all aim for something greater than simply going to school to have a decent job only to work 9-5 to pay bills and taxes and eventually die. However, many people will never live up to their potential and remain stagnant for the rest of their lives.Why do we fall into this trap? What are the root causes? Is there anything that we can do as a society to enhance the experience of living and remove the obstacles that prevent people from reaching for their potential?

When life is too comfortable, there is a tendency to gravitate toward being aimless. Maybe you won the lottery or became extremely successful at a young age.  When you are used to having the world at your every beck and call or when you have never had to fought for anything else in life, there are some very compelling reasons to stay in your comfort zone. I can only think of too many child stars who fell into this trap.  What was once a promising young super star is now an aimless individual who later comes to regret not doing much with his or her life. But you do not have to be in Hollywood to fall into this mentality. For many ordinary people, finding success too early in life is a double-edged sword: when everything goes your way, what is the point of aiming for anything else in life?  We become victims of what is known as the status quo fallacy. Can you imagine what the world would be like today if our predecessors all fell for this and became aimless?

We were all born with different talents and abilities.  Sometimes, it may not be clear what we are good at.  How do you find what your purpose is?  When you were small, did you love to write? Did you love to paint?  Are you good with your hands and do you love to tinker around with tools?  Does the idea of teaching make you feel giddy?  As we grow older, we tend to lose the sparks that ignite these passions.  In the daily rat race, we see ourselves as cogs in a machine.  We are preoccupied with the nitty-gritty of life.  But never shall we ever settle for less than what we are capable of.  To strive for something greater is having an aim or purpose in life.  How many people do you personally know who have gone back to school in their 40s and 50s to pursue their passions? These are exactly the people who refuse to settle for anything less than their fullest potential.  As a society, we ought to encourage people to aim higher starting in our education system.  Parents could also set examples for their children.

Those who aim higher are those who will leave the world in a better shape than when they found it.  There may be a saturation of “cogs in a machine”, but there will never be an oversupply of people who see their fullest potential as the ability to leave positive footprints in this world.


In response to the daily word prompt – Aimless




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