Life is a Struggle


The word “struggle” has a negative connotation. It implies a lack of competence to face whatever challenge stands in our way.  However, that is a simplified view of what struggling is all about. I don’t think I know anyone or at least any successful person who did not struggle to reach great achievements in life whether in their professional life or in life in general. Struggling is very much part of existence.

Through struggling, we learn about our strengths and capabilities.  It is only through struggling that we become more determined than ever to succeed even when odds are stacked against us. We become more resilient through this process. We also become more compassionate toward other human beings with similar struggles in life.

It is true that some people have had to struggle more than others because of the cards they have been dealt with in this life. But I also think that the more a person has to struggle in life, the more this person has to offer to this world for they are the ones who have sailed through the storms and have seen the fruits of their struggles. They have a wealth of experiences to offer those who probably do not struggle or do not want to struggle. They are the story tellers, the wise ones who dazzle the world with their accomplishments.    What is often forgotten in our current society obsessed with instant gratification is that struggling for what you want may not necessarily be a burden; it may be the best gift you will ever receive. Struggling is really a test of the strength of the human spirit.  It may be painful, unpleasant, time-consuming, but it will be fully worth it.


Response to the daily word prompt – struggle



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