The cynics are right: 12 reasons politics is meaningless


I am not advocating that we abstain from voting altogether. But whenever I think about the state of politics these days, I feel that there are better things we can focus on.  Sometimes I watch CNN and wonder how it is that people can make a good living being a political consultant or a commentator.  So much air time is devoted to angry rhetoric and distortions of reality. It raises my blood pressure just watching these panels. So one day I decided to just shut it off.  While I care about what’s going on in the world, politics has become downright dirty. Here is my list of reasons to avoid getting too engaged in politics.  You will find once your turn off that cable news network, your life will also be more peaceful and possibly even more meaningful as you focus on the things that really matter.

  1. No matter which party is in charge, they are all beholden to the same interests but with different names.
  2. Individually, your vote doesn’t count but collectively it does. However, there is no collective if those who believe in the same causes do not all vote.
  3. The time politicians spend wrangling with each other should be time spent pushing through bills that actually matter to the average citizen.
  4. Partisanship is just catering to the interests of different demographic groups. The older you are, the more likely you vote Conservative in Canada or Republican in the U.S.  It’s a meaningless exercise of pitting one group against another.
  5. The amount of election spending is obscene.  Imagine how many schools can be built or how many teachers can be hired with the millions of dollars spent on attacking Donald’s hair or even “hair boy” Justin Trudeau.
  6. Ever noticed that all attack ads are taken out of context?  Remember these ads target the uninformed citizenry.  Yes, politicians assume we are all fools, which is quite unfortunate and makes no sense. Do they  really assume we cannot tell what is and what is not taken out of context?  Do they want to be elected by a nation of fools?
  7. It’s all robbing Peter to pay Paul … with your hard-earned tax dollars.  It’s a beautiful transfer of wealth with no wealth being created of course.
  8.  Political bickering is waste of words and energy because nothing ever done. It’s a waste of human potential.  The truth is, many politicians are actually quite intelligent or were before they embarked on this career.  Many were doctors, lawyers, educators and successful entrepreneurs before entering politics where they are forced to shave off a few IQ points.
  9. Any well-informed high school teenager can do a better job debating than the circus we have witnessed, and sadly the circus is running our government.
  10. Think about it. Politicians are just out of touch with the citizens they purportedly care about.  How much do they really understand what the average man or woman goes through each day?  I find it funny that in my part of the country (I live in Canada), every election season brings the provincial premier to immigrant communities to meet and greet the thousands of men and women doing back-breaking physical labour at their factory jobs who speak no English. They are the pawns in this political games run by politicians who will turn around to tax more out of them to pay for more white elephants or siphoning more tax dollars off to their special interest friends.
  11. Why are we even debating some topics to score political points? Why are some topics even considered political topics?  Right, to appease some interest groups who still live in the Jurassic Park era.
  12.  It is all rhetoric.  It is a competition for who screams the loudest and has strong oratorical skills.  Think about it, there really is no academic prerequisite to enter politics.  Which is sad because this low barrier to entry also attracts those who bring uninformed opinions.

And the media is complicit …



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