Finding gratitude one year later…

Has one year really passed since I first signed up for WordPress? One thing I know for sure is that my WordPress skills have remained stagnant. I realize that I really do not have as much passion for website designing as I had originally thought before embarking on the WordPress journey.  But if my WordPress skills are not so impressive,  there are other aspects of life that I have discovered and learned in this one year. Since May 2015 (and we are now in May 2016), I have made it a mission to read as much as I can get my hands on, books to help me think in a different ways and hopefully to be more creative. My mission has always been to provide great content to my audience to broaden horizons.  I was hoping that I would find inspiration in my books.   Much more than that, one year can teach you so many life lessons. Within 12 months, I have moved between cities in search of a fulfilling career, landed a job that I am happy with, gone back to school to finish a post-graduate program, been in a horrible car accident, the latter being a rather humbling experience which left me shocked and woke me up to a different reality than the one I had been living in up to now.   But what all these events have in common is that I am extremely grateful for what I have, for the people in my life and everyone I have crossed paths with.  Every day, I tell myself how grateful and lucky I am to be where I am  and to have been born into a loving family who still cares for you long after my friends’ parents had abandoned them.

To be able to write on my blog  after my accident is almost like a miracle.  I want to create a blog with a gratitude theme, a place where I can gather other insights, in addition to my own, on happiness and gratitude.  What can we do to overcome obstacles?  How do we get over the stress-inducing factors in our daily life? What are the experiences of successful people who overcame these road blocks and went on to great heights in career and life?   As somebody who also experienced depression, I feel that it’s important to have control over your mind. It is not as out of reach as one may think, and not just within the expertise of psychologists.  How you control your thoughts is critical to your level of satisfaction with life.  When life gives you lemons, think about what we have already rather than what don’t have. Life is a bumpy road filled with potholes.  You cannot control the fact that you find yourself in a car crash on a beautiful sunny day when everything is going so well.  But look beyond this one mishap, life goes on.   I think that is something that we as human beings miss. There are unlimited human needs and wants but have we thought about what we already have? We keep yearning for things that might have been, could have been or should have been.  But what could have been or should have been?  That this accident never took place? Is life always supposed to be smooth sail for me?   I cannot reverse the clock, but I can only be grateful for the people in my life who assisted me through the shock and taught me more about life than anything taught in a school curriculum.

Studies have even shown that getting into the daily habit of writing down what you are grateful for can improve your mental health.  It does not take a PhD in psychology to fully grasp what this can do. I think just by creating this blog entry has improved my own mental health.  Writing down your grateful thoughts is one way of controlling your mind. Remember, you are always in control.  I am hoping that this blog can also help others navigate through that bumpy road of life.

What are you most grateful for today?




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